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Grand event at tea manufacturer DL Koisagat for tea farmers and partners

Jan 25, 2012

At the event the introduction of a Health Insurance Fund scheme for the tea farmers was announced.

On January 14th a successful event took place organized at the new tea factory of DL Koisagat. The day was organized by DL Koisagat to share new initiatives with its partners, amongst whom PharmAccess and our local partner Medilink. Approximately 4,000 tea farmers of Koisagat were present.

The day started with a ground breaking ceremony to celebrate the construction of a new clinic for the tea farmers as part of the Health Plan supported by the Health Insurance Fund. This was followed by a visit to the recently built tea factory by the partners and the tea farmers.

Amongst people that attended the ceremony were the CEO of the Transnational Bank, the Regional Manager of Airtel, the Senior Executive of Tea Brokers East Africa, the Bisshop, the Director of Operations, local chiefs and local councelors, the management team of DL Koisagat, the chairman of DL Group and his wife, our local partner MediLink and PharmAccess. The Health Insurance Fund is looking to implement a scheme for the employees in which the company will pay for the entire premium of its employees. The scheme will be the second HIF scheme in Kenya and will be launched this year.

At the ceremony the leadership of DL Koisagat took the opportunity to inform the guests and the community about six other initiatives they are planning to introduce. One of the initiatives is that the tea manufacturer will support farmers with a livestock improvement program. Farmers will also be provided with a free telephone as well as there was promised to give the farmers access to loan for education or loan for housing. Other good news for the farmers is the announcement they will receive a bonus of Ks20 per green leaf over the production they deliver from the moment the factory starts processing the tea. The Chairman’s wife made a positive announcement for the farmer’s women and children; she will start a special program for the support in the production of honey.

At the ceremony the first stone of a new clinic was laid as a symbol for the official construction of the new clinic, starting at the end of this month. The new clinic will be built next to the new tea factory. The day was broadcasted by local television and shared by local newspapers.

To read the article on DL Koisagat appeared in the newspaper Daily Nation click here.


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