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Construction works on Shree Hindu Mandal hospital in full progress

Mar 6, 2009

Construction workers are first excavating the soil before the foundations can be poured

The construction works on the Shree Hindu Mandal Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania are now in full swing. The plan is to have the new two story HIV/AIDS-wing up by the end of July.

Although in the original time line the wing should have been finished by the end of this month, the important thing is that the end is in sight. The new wing is much needed to answer adequately to the growing demand. The Shree Hindu Mandal non-profit hospital, which started in 1953 as a small clinic, has grown into a 24-hour in-and-outpatient hospital for about 300 patients a day. Almost 60 percent of these patients have HIV-related health problems. A special HIV/AIDS-wing can provide more and better care for them and therefore relieve other wards.

Second step: the steel foundations


The wing is funded by a donation from the AmsterdamDiner. Once a year this AIDS fundraiser organises a charity dinner for the Dutch business society to raise money for a cause in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The past two years (and again this year) the profits have been donated to the programs of the Health Insurance Fund. In 2007 the targeted project was the realization of a new HIV/AIDS wing for the Shree Hindu Mandal Hopital. A total amount of €780 thousand was raised on the night.

And thirdly, the concrete foundations


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Date: September, 2015

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Date: February, 2015