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The Impact of Access to Quality Healthcare in Africa

Jul 21, 2015

This report summarizes findings from studies conducted by the Amsterdam
Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD) and the Amsterdam
Institute for International Development (AIID).The programs that are implemented by the PharmAccess Group
and funded by the Health Insurance Fund, in Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania are
described. Only those that have been the subject of research by AIID and/or AIGHD
are described. Section 3 presents a short explanation of the concept of “impact
evaluation.” The key distinction of this type of research is that the measurement of
causal effects, i.e., attribution, is at the core of the exercise. Section 4 briefly describes
the quality improvements in healthcare infrastructure that are an integrated part of
the PharmAccess interventions.

Sections 5, 6, and 7 present the main results of the impact evaluation conducted in
Kwara Central, Nigeria. Two evaluations were carried out, two and four years after
the roll-out of the program, focusing mainly on the program’s impact on (modern
and traditional) healthcare utilization, out-of-pocket expenses, self-reported health
status and health outcomes for Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD), and Maternal and
Child Health (MCH). In section 8, results from numerous studies that are all related to
both the projects and the ongoing impact evaluations (most of these studies make use
of the baseline data conducted for the impact evaluations) are briefly summarized.
Some of these studies augmented the data with more detailed data (including
qualitative information) focusing on the central theme of the study. Sub-section 8.8
shows how the research activities have contributed to the research capacity of the
AIGHD/AIID counterparts in Kwara State. After presenting some general conclusions
in section 9, section 10 concludes with recommendations for future project design
and, in parallel, further research.

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Author: Van der Gaag, J

Date: February, 2015


On 12 September 2016, OPIC, Calvert Foundation and two private investors announce expansion
PharmAccess and its German consultancy partner GFA have won a 27.3 million Euros tender from the German development bank KfW to improve access to healthcare for low-income pregnant women in 5 regions of Tanzania.
President Felipe Nyuse of Mozambique officially opened the University Clinic


A population-based study
Date: September, 2015

Research findings on Health Insurance Fund supported programs

Date: February, 2015