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SafeCare partners with DrugStoc to improve quality of pharmacies in Nigeria

Apr 15, 2016

Through an agreement signed with DrugStoc on 1st April 2016 in Lagos, SafeCare is set to provide quality assessment services to stand-alone pharmacies and pharmacies in hospitals in Nigeria.

DrugStoc eHub Ltd. (DrugStoc) is a Nigerian company that manages an online database that links platforms, hospitals, pharmacies and healthcare providers nationwide to registered and regulated drug distributors/ wholesalers. The database allows distributors to upload or display items they sell, report availability, and receive purchase orders. This enables healthcare providers to easily search for drugs and consumables, view pricing, compare various brands side by side, and place and track orders in a simple and centralized way. In this way, DrugStoc aims to address the inefficiencies in the supply chain of the pharmaceutical industry in Nigeria.

The supply chain however, requires mandatory quality control and improvement activities. For this reason, DrugStoc has contracted SafeCare to provide quality assessments, quality assurance and quality improvement services to its clients, thus ensuring the final link in the chain is also quality assured.

Under the name ’Concierge Formulary Service’, this partnership between SafeCare and DrugStoc will offer healthcare providers a system that guarantees quality and efficiency, combining all DrugStoc platforms and resulting in a system that places priority on patient safety within the pharmacy.


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