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Dutch current affairs program Nieuwsuur features H-Team

Jun 10, 2016

On Saturday 4th of June, Nieuwsuur the Dutch television news program covered a story on the H-Team, a multidisciplinary approach which was initiated by Joep Lange to try and find people who are living in Amsterdam with HIV and do not know it. The H-Team is making headway in implementing strategies to expand testing and immediate treatment of HIV, as well as prevent further transmission of the virus.

The H-Team is a three-time beneficiary of the 24th Amsterdam Diner Foundation, an annual gala event that raised 650,000 euros last Saturday that will be spent on research of acute HIV infections. Minister Lilliane Ploumen who was one of the guests at the Amsterdam Dinner pointed out that, " The Netherlands wants to bring international attention to especially the vulnerable groups like children, sex workers, and the gay community. The H-Team’s approach in Amsterdam is an example for other big cities in the world.’’

Professor Peter Reiss director of the HIV Monitoring Foundation added that, "We are looking at Amsterdam as it is estimated that between 400 and 500 people are infected but do not know." The capital of Amsterdam is where the H-Team operates. Through various platforms such as internet campaigns, they are attempting to reach out to people to get tested for HIV.



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Date: September, 2015

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