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Mozambican University launches clinic and self-funded health plan for students and staff

Jul 3, 2016

On Thursday 23 June 2016, President Felipe Nyuse of Mozambique visited the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo to open the University Clinic and the university's health insurance plan.

Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) has been working to set up a healthcare program for their students and staff since 2010. They received a grant from the AidsFonds through the AmsterdamDiner Foundation. PharmAccess has since 2010 been providing technical assistance for the design of the health plan. The opening of this clinic and the launch of the health plan means that UEMs 44,000 students and staff will have access to better quality care. The catchment area of the university, approximately 25,000 people, will also benefit from these services, as they will be able to visit the clinic at an affordable price.

University Clinic
UEM financed the construction of the clinic, and the university used the grant of Amsterdam Dinner Foundation to purchase medical equipment and furniture and train medical staff. Investments like these are highly needed in a country like Mozambique with a life expectancy of 50 years and a high shortage of academia. According to the World Bank investment in health means and investment in the development of the country. The World Bank estimates that between 2000 and 2011, about 24% of the growth in full income of developing countries resulted from improvements in health.

Up until now, the university had a - Posto Medico -  a small-scale medical post consisting of two rooms and minimal equipment. More often than not, students had to be referred. Now, the range of medical equipment means that the university can offer medical services and perform research activities for its students, staff and the general population. In addition, the capacity and quality of the equipment will allow the health center to deliver lab and diagnostic services to surrounding health centers and hospitals.

So far, the clinic has appointed 22 staff members, including a director (pediatrician), a director administration and HR (clinician), a general practioner, 2 lab technicians, 2 radiologists, a dentist, a nurse and 2 pharmacists.

Health insurance plan
Since 2010, PharmAccess has been providing technical assistance to UEM and its steering committee for the design of a self-funded healthcare plan for students and staff that enables the provision of quality healthcare through the newly constructed campus clinic. The fund is financed in full by local contributions paid by the university through tuition fees and staff salaries, and a budget credit from the government through the Ministry of Finance.

The health plan is mandatory for all students and staff and will be fully governed and managed by UEM. The insurance package includes comprehensive primary health services, including sexual and reproductive health, ante- and post-natal care, minor surgery, HIV testing and treatment, and high quality pharmacy and lab services. The health insurance plan and will also be accessible for non-university members, at an affordable price.


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President Felipe Nyuse of Mozambique officially opened the University Clinic


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