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Official opening of the Renovated Alapa Cottage Hospital during launch of the Onire Community Health Insurance Scheme

Oct 13, 2011

Alapa Cottage hospital will serve quality health care to the community enrolled in the Onire health insurance scheme.

Hygeia Community Health Plan and PharmAccess Foundation official opened the renovated Alapa Cottage Hospital. The official opening of the hospital took place during the launch of the Onire community health insurance scheme in the presence of his Excellency the Executive Governor of Kwara State Alhaji Abdul Fatah Ahmed.This scheme and the soon-to-be launched Owode community health insurance scheme are expansions of the Afon community health insurance scheme which was launched in April 2009. The Kwara State community health insurance schemes have benefitted over 110,000 Kwarans. The communities have access to a comprehensive healthcare benefit package. The medical care is provided by designated private and public hospitals, such as the renovated Alapa Cottage Hospital.

Public Private Partnerships
The Afon, Onire and Owode schemes are Public Private Partnerships facilitated by a premium subsidy funding agreement between the Kwara State Government and the Health Insurance Fund. Under this arrangement the Kwara State Government would increasingly take up the financing of insurance premium for low-income people while the contributions of the Health Insurance Fund would diminish gradually over the life span of the scheme. The Health Insurance Fund is committed to providing access to affordable healthcare through private health insurance.

Alapa Cottage
The renovated Alapa Cottage hospital will serve as the primary healthcare provider for community members enrolled in the Onire community health insurance scheme. This reinforces the scheme’s focus on optimizing the utilization of available healthcare infrastructure and human resources to provide access to quality healthcare for previously underserved low income and rural communities.

The Hon. Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed inspects the renovated Alapa Hospital

Kwara State community health insurance schemes
On the 25th of January, 2007, the pioneer community health insurance scheme was launched in Edu Local Government Area of the State to serve rural dwellers in 150 communities around the Shonga and Bacita areas of the Local Government. Subsequently in 2009, the community health insurance schemes began in Lafiagi and Afon areas of Edu and Asa LGAs respectively.

Through the Health Insurance Fund’s subsidized community health insurance schemes, enrolled individuals in these communities obtain access to a comprehensive healthcare benefit package including outpatient services, specialist consultations, hospital admissions, pharmaceuticals and non pharmaceutical consumables, antenatal care, delivery services and post natal care services, immunizations, minor & intermediate surgeries and HIV/AIDS treatment. All these services attract  a co-payment of N300 (approx. US$2) per-person-per-year which is about 8% of the total premium required for the benefit package.

Medical care is provided by designated private and public hospitals and clinics within the targeted communities.  To ensure the delivery of quality healthcare at these hospitals, the Kwara State government and the Health Insurance Fund have made contributions towards the infrastructure and equipment upgrade of the hospitals involved in the scheme. The renovation of the government owned Alapa Cottage Hospital was undertaken by the Health Insurance Fund to the sum of about N11.1 million (Eleven Million One Hundred Thousand Naira). Similar renovation and upgrade activities have been undertaken by the the Health insurance Fund at the Tsaragi Cottage Hospital, Tsaragi and the Otte Oja Basic healthcare centre, Otte Oja in Edu and Asa LGAs respectively.

Staffing and management of Alapa cottage hospital and other renovated healthcare facilities will be undertaken by the Kwara State Government through the Ministry of Health and the Kwara State Community Health Insurance Management Committee. The community health insurance scheme through its sustainable financing mechanism will provide regular cash flow by means of capitation and fee-for-service payments directly to the hospitals to cover costs and  incentives for staff, drugs & consumables procurement, utility supply, facility maintenance etc. A robust monitoring and evaluation system is also in place to ensure continual quality improvement of these hospitals.

110,000 Kwarans
Since 2007, the Kwara State community health insurance schemes have benefitted over 110,000 Kwarans.  Currently,52,309 Kwarans are enrolled in the schemes. Enrolled individuals have made over 200,000 visits to the hospital for healthcare, at no out-of-pocket costs!. About 70% of these visits were made by women and children. Hospital visits by enrollees are largely for malaria (26%), antenatal care (14%), hypertension (12%), upper respiratory tract infections (12%) and musculoskeletal pains (8%). The ability of these people to receive appropriate healthcare could in no doubt contribute to a reduction in morbidity or mortality.

The launch of the Onire community health insurance scheme is a demonstration of the commitment of the Health Insurance Fund, PharmAccess and Hygeia Community Plan to partner with the Kwara State Government to revitalize the healthcare delivery system of rural Kwara and improve the healthcare indices and socioeconomic profile of Kwara State.

Click here to download article on the launch published by the Nigerian Businessday Newspaper.


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