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Enrollees in Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania


Total disbursed loan amount in USD


Number of patient visits to SafeCare facilities per month


Number of active clinics in the SafeCare program


On 12 September 2016, OPIC, Calvert Foundation and two private investors announce expansion
PharmAccess and its German consultancy partner GFA have won a 27.3 million Euros tender from the German development bank KfW to improve access to healthcare for low-income pregnant women in 5 regions of Tanzania.
President Felipe Nyuse of Mozambique officially opened the University Clinic
Livestream available on July 5th
Ploumen: "The H-Team’s approach in Amsterdam is an example for other big cities in the world.’’
Lab debate: Mobile technology: democratising healthcare in Africa
Can you imagine a world without nurses?
We are proud to announce that the Kwara State Health Insurance program has been shortlisted for the 2016 FT/IFC Transformational Business Awardsin the category Achievement in Sustainable Development: Maternal & Infant Health.
During this years World Immunization Week (24-30 April), WHO highlights recent gains in immunization coverage, and outlines further steps countries can take to close the immunization gap and meet global vaccination targets by 2020.

From April 25th- April 29th, 25 nurses, clinical officers and midwives will participate in a 5-day Managing Healthcare Business course at Strathmore Business School in Nairobi to improve the performance of their healthcare businesses.

On 14 April 2016, National Microfinance Bank Plc (NMB) Tanzania and the Medical Credit Fund, part of the PharmAccess Group, signed a partnership agreement to boost healthcare quality in Tanzania. NMB and MCF will provide private hospitals, health centers, and medical services providers with affordable loans of up to USD 1m, enabling them to expand and improve the quality of their services.
Through an agreement signed with DrugStoc on 1st April 2016 in Lagos, SafeCare is set to provide quality assessment services to stand-alone pharmacies and pharmacies in hospitals in Nigeria.
On 31st of March 2016, Nigeria’s Ogun State government, inaugurated a 14 man quality team to manage and coordinate all quality assurance and quality improvement activities in the state health system.

Data from the Kwara State Health Insurance Program included in study.

Currently more than one in ten men and one in seven women across the globe are obese, according to the world’s biggest obesity study (20 million adults | 700 researchers across the globe). The study, published in the journal The Lancet, calculated and compared BMI (Body Mass Index) among adult men and women from 1975 to 2014.

Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital (Gertrude’s) has partnered with CarePay and Safaricom to provide their employees with a mobile outpatient fund management solution.
Institute to carry on Joep Lange's legacy
Local Co-Chair Announced for AIDS 2018 Hosted in Amsterdam
Thanks to the Dutch Postcode Lottery, Amref Flying Doctors and PharmAccess are working to connect women to better health
We are proud to announce that SafeCare has been selected as a finalist for this year's OECD DAC Prize for Taking Development Innovation to Scale!
Working to improve quality in an integrated healthcare network
​In January 2016, SafeCare launched its operations in Uganda with a two-day working session with its partners. SafeCare works with PACE, the local affiliate of PSI, and the Uganda Healthcare Federation (UHF) and aims to contribute to the development of a sustainable, holistic franchise model for PACE’s ProFam network.
Technical assistance will be geared towards improving access to health insurance
Dutch Postcode Lottery invests 10 million euro in revolutionary innovation of Kenya healthcare
Understanding perceptions, needs, concerns, drivers and barriers towards the use of a mobile health wallet
'When a public good hasn't been delivered by the public sector for generations, PPPs can be an impetus for change'
On Tuesday 22nd of December, Aina Olufemi (Femi) Odusola defended his PhD thesis on a patient-centered cardiovascular health education program.

Medical Credit Fund has secured new financing from Pfizer Foundation, the Dutch Good Growth Fund and Calvert Foundation

Safaricom, PharmAccess and CarePay have developed a technology that has the potential to radically change healthcare.

The 'M-Tiba' platform will deliver a mobile 'health wallet' that channels funds meant for health services directly to recipients.


PharmAccess is dedicated to inclusive healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa, with origins in a mission to increase access to HIV/AIDS treatment.

On 11th November 2015, the Ogun State health insurance scheme Araya was expanded to its eighth local government area (LGA), Ijebu North.

“This intersection of health and money and poverty is very exciting”

AHME program to increase access to healthcare for the poor
On 7 November, PharmAccess hosted a discussion at the annual Africa Day at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.
The awards were organized and hosted by Winq Magazine the biggest gay luxury lifestyle magazine in the world.
This year's End Poverty Day was centered around Ghana, highlighting the country's progress toward ending extreme poverty.
Data suggest that it is only a matter of time before cardiovascular diseases will be the number one cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa.
Provider perspective on investing in continuous quality improvement.
Clean hands save lives.
Funding extended for seven years
Spotlight on St. Patrick Health Care Centre
Onno Schellekens spoke on making health markets work for the poor
Initiative launched on shoulder of the 70th United Nations General Assembly
On the eve of the adoption of the Sustainable development goals (SDGs), Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte delivered a speech in which he mentioned the Health Insurance Fund.
Date: 28-09-2015
First Kwara conference concluded successfully
Compendium report available now

Clinton offered a statement on the importance of carrying forward Professor Joep Lange's legacy.

The institute will safeguard and apply the unique combination of scientific research, pragmatism and action that characterized Joep Lange.

uniHealth Loan addresses some of the major financial challenges of the private health SME sector
New milestone for the Kwara State Health Insurance Program

"An innovative PPP solution to providing healthcare services in Namibia"

Europe's leading forum on global development and cooperation brining together 5,000 participants to find practical solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems.

Scale-up of health insurance programs for low income-groups combined with quality improvement programs can benefit people living in poverty in combatting the rise of cardiovascular diseases in sub-Saharan Africa.

Nurse-led health posts increase utilization of primary healthcare services in Nigeria
Detailed report of the National High Level Forum on private sector engagement in health
Brief on reducing misdiagnosis of malaria through regular training of lab staff.

PharmAccess will organize a workshop under the topic 'Right to Health' at this year's edition of the European Development Days.

Key contributors in health systems leapfrogging in emerging economies
Global Partnership selects Kwara program as one of five strongest multi-stakeholder case studies in the fight against poverty

The Annual Dutch Postcode Lottery Charity Gala (Goed Geld Gala) distributes a record amount of 312 million euro in 2015.

'We believe this will create a basis for transformative care'
'Adding It Up: The Costs and Benefits of Investing in Sexual and Reproductive Health 2014''
Watch the video
Symposium Report Available Now
“If there was anyone destined to hold his own TED talk, Joep Lange was.''
the improved Community Health Fund (iCHF)
'Enrolment is well under way in 14 counties with an inspiring enrolment rate of 75%'
'Joep was a tidal wave that will be sorely missed'
OECD praises 'comprehensive approach in establishing a working healthcare system'
Health Care in Africa 2014 - Fast-tracking to the future
ImpactAssets 50 is the first publically available database of private debt and equity impact investment fund managers.
Giving African clinics access to financing for medical equipment
Meetings concerned financial inclusion for development and a general update on our activities.
PharmAccess tests mobile payment concepts and prototypes in real-life BoP settings

In recognition of successful innovations targeting SMEs in emerging markets

MediLoan will help to improve healthcare qualtiy in Nigerian clinics
Joep Lange and Jacqueline van Tongeren on board Malaysian Airlines flight MH17
Goal is to improve coverage and quality in the CHF
Great quality improvements recognized
Congratulations to Aids Fonds and AIGHD!
The Araya scheme will bring quality health care within reach of the entire Ogun population
Enrolment in the health plan doubled within four months.
Combining knowledge, skills and expertise to improve access to affordable quality healthcare.
Governor Ahmed: “The value and uniqueness of the Kwara State Community Health Insurance Program cannot be over-emphasized''
"Het Health Insurance Fund, uitgevoerd door PharmAccess, is in de Nigeriaanse regio Kwara zo succesvol dat het regiobestuur de financiering overneemt."
The lab, based in Nairobi, is researching how mobile money can be leveraged to pre-pay for healthcare.
Elizabeth Littlefield, CEO van OPIC: 'Jullie zijn het levende bewijs dat zaken doen de drijvende kracht is achter economische ontwikkeling in opkomende landen.'
Beth Cobert: "MCF has designed an innovative way to support some of the small and medium healthcare providers in Africa."
Stakeholders set the Nigerian health agenda for the coming years
John Simon, Onno Schellekens and Arie de Groot argue that the aid model for development is broken.

With his team of researchers, Professor Akande has played an instrumental role in the impact evaluations of PharmAccess health programs in Kwara State, Nigeria.

AIGHD publication in JAMA Internal Medicine supported by Health Insurance Fund
Article 'Private health care in Africa: A middle way?' explores possible health insurance models for sub-Saharan health markets.

By signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Siha District, HIF/PharmAccess hope to improve and expand health insurance for low- and middle-incomes through a strengthened Community Health Fund (CHF) in the Kilimanjaro area.

A short film about the programs of the PharmAccess Group, AMC, and KMET in Kisumu, Kenya. This film was produced by Ron van der Lugt and was shown during the 20th Anatomische Les in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

"If we truly want universality and sustainability, we have to scale up our efforts. And for that we need both the public and private sector."

"By bringing people together who are prepared to commit for longer periods of time, we can contribute to change when it comes to health care," says Onno Schellekens.

A recently published external evaluation of our program in Kwara, Nigeria, measures the impact of community-based health insurance

On September 26th and 27th 2013, the second SafeCare conference will take place in Mombasa, Kenya. This year, the theme is Quality in Practice; Towards Sustainable Quality of Care in Africa.
How an innovative new insurance model is bringing Nigeria one step closer to universal health coverage

Without insurance, good health care for the poor is unaffordable

PharmAccess provides insights for this guide for practitioners

PharmAccess is technical partner of the Joint Learning Network
Van Rooijen was named Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau for his pioneering work in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Governor Ahmed: "What we are trying to do is to assist not less than 60 per cent of Kwarans in accessing affordable healthcare services.”
To mark the beginning of a new partnership in health, Baillie visited Amsterdam and explained how this mobile money transfer service transformed the lives of 80% of adult Kenyans.
Onno Schellekens: Thinking outside the box opens possibilities for development cooperation.
Book was launched at World Bank Conference in Washington
Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development, Lilianne Ploumen, paid PharmAccess a work visit.
Ariel Pablos-Mendez: “The out-of-pocket expenses in Africa can be cut in half.”

To date the standards have already helped about 300 clinics in five sub-Saharan countries to improve the safety and quality of care.

Minister voor Buitenlandse Handel en Ontwikkelingssamenwerking Lilianne Ploumen houdt toespraak op 31 januari tijdens jaarlijkse themadag van The Broker in Den Haag
Study findings provide better understanding of the potential benefits of health insurance.
Fieldtrip was organized as part of 8th International Microinsurance Conference held in Dar es Salaam between 6-8 November.
Milestone contributes to the aim of the Nigerian Ministry of Health “to strengthen the national health system."
Speakers from different parts of the world stimulated lively debates about the do's and don'ts of among others health insurance schemes
The film provides a good image of the farmers, their health challenges and the benefits of the healthcare program.
Program has grown in a successful public private partnership with 35,000 people enrolled
A meeting with Dr. Dogo Mohammed, the Executive Director of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), was held in Abuja on the 17th of February, 2012.
Report “AIDS dependency crisis: sourcing African solutions” advocates for more sustainable solutions to fight HIV/AIDS.
Film shows the roll out of the marketing project called Community Health Insurance Participation.
Two studies as part of the operational research program of the Health Insurance Fund.
On January 14th a successful event took place organized at the new tea factory of DL Koisagat.
The grant will be used to implement technical solutions within the insurance programs in Nigeria.
The film is part of the series ‘Aid or Trade?’ that shows that aid is no longer about transferring money or shipping goods, but rather about setting up sustainable companies. 
Symposium on our approach picked up by Dutch media.
Alapa Cottage hospital will serve quality health care to the community enrolled in the Onire health insurance scheme.
"The CAPDAN community health insurance scheme is another demonstration of the World Bank's support for healthcare and SME development in Nigeria."
Health Center will participate in Health Insurance Fund program for the KNCU members in Tanzania.
“This is exactly the kind of innovative partnership that we should replicate here in Nigeria and beyond”.
The parties involved are in mutual agreement about the ending and are working on a smooth fade-out.
The film provides a good image of the farmers, their work and the healthcare program
Through this Health Insurance Fund program the dairy farmers can access affordable and quality health care.
Health Insurance Fund will use this new standards framework to improve service delivery and patient safety.
The payment covers part of the total premium subsidy for the farmer population in the Afon district.
Our partner the Medical Credit Fund chosen by global audience as most innovative
27 October 2010
Approximately 10,000 families will benefit from the introduction of health insurance
Amsterdam, 3 juni 2010
In her role as UN Secretary General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development the Princess visited three PharmAccess’ programs.
Interview with Pharles Yikobela Director of Arafa Mbagala Kuu clinic in Dar es Salaam.
Her Royal Highness and UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development stressed the importance of health insurance for the less privileged.
Health Insurance Fund hosts workshop for potential target groups in Kenya.
The influential Dutch think tank WRR published a critical report on Dutch development aid.
‘Health insurance for the poor in Africa is a revolutionary concept.’
Training organised by PharmAccess for the lab personal of the clinics in the Health Insurance Fund program.
AIGHD seeks integrated solutions for global health problems.
Discussion panel consisted of Prof. Joep Lange, Sjoerd van Keulen and Kees Storm.
IFHA, Health Insurance Fund and PharmAccess all in the picture at Ontwikkelingssamenwerking.Nu.
Press release
Amsterdam, October 7, 2009
Interview with Chris van der Vorm, Director of the Health Insurance Fund
Healthy twins in the Ogu Oluwa hospital
Public-private partnership is a major breakthrough.
Op zaterdag 20 juni organiseert de Stichting De Grote Onderneming het 17e AmsterdamDiner, het jaarlijkse benefietgala in de strijd tegen aids.
Two events held by De Grote Onderneming focused on developmental aid in times of crisis.
Kwara State Government signs agreement with Dutch Health Insurance Fund
Persbericht en uitnodiging voor persreis
Successful workshop in Lagos addressed maternal and neonatal mortality in the community
Scale-up of health insurance scheme in Shonga
Effectiveness is keyword at the annual Afrikadag
Health Insurance Fund hosts workshop at Afrikadag
Promising results from extensive monitoring visit to primary clinics in Nigeria
‘African countries will be thrown back into poverty. Now is the time to look for innovative approaches’
Construction works on Shree Hindu Mandal hospital in full progress

Uganda is looking at ways to implement a health insurance for all Ugandans. This plan, presented in the National Health Insurance Bill is to be tabled before the Parliament.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS is faced with a current funding gap. International civil society, health organizations and faith-based groups call on the G7 nations to take up a leading role in closing this gap.

he celebrations of the second anniversary of the Shonga Community Health Service made clear that the scheme is becoming a community-owned program.
On Friday the 30th of January, around 400 excited community members celebrated the two year anniversary of the community health insurance scheme in Kwara State.
On Thursday the 29th of January, broadcasted live on Kwara Radio, the PharmAccess Foundation received an ‘award of excellence.’ PharmAccess, the implementing partner of the Health Insurance Fund in Nigeria, has been chosen amongst other companies to be honoured with this award for its 'contribution to industrial growth in Kwara State', Nigeria.
From 3 to 7 December 2008 a delegation of PharmAccess participated in the 15th International Conference on AIDS and sexually transmitted infections in Africa (ICASA 2008) in Dakar, Senegal.
PharmAccess was invited to host two presentations at Corporate Council on Africa (CCA): US-Africa Private Sector Health Forum on the 20th and 21st of November 2008 in Washington, DC.
The Parliamentary Commission on Foreign Affairs met the Minister for Development Cooperation Bert Koenders on Wednesday 3 December to...
The PharmAccess workshop hosted on World Aids Day at the 12th National Congres Soa*Hiv*Aids in Amsterdam was, according to one member of the audience 'very interesting and new.'
On the first of December on World Aids Day PharmAccess and the Health Insurance Fund will host a workshop during the 12th..
The World Bank signed a grant agreement for 6.02 million US dollar with the Health Insurance Fund. The grant enables the implementation of an insurance program, which will support up to 22,500 low-income ICT workers in Lagos (Nigeria) for a period of five years.
'The Shonga model' demonstrates the success of community health insurance at 1st Health Insurance Fund conference on 23 October 2008 in Amsterdam
Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests. It is a great pleasure and honour to be with you.
Preannouncement international conference 23 October 2008 in Amsterdam Press release Health Insurance Fund, 8 October 2008
The Health Insurance Fund provides health insurance to low-income groups in Afric. The first project was launched in Nigeria in early 2007 and implemented by Hygeia, supported by PharmAccess.
The Shree Hindu Mandal Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is building a new HIV/AIDS wing funded by a donation from the AmsterdamDinner, an AIDS fundraiser, in 2007.
On 8-9 May, the Hygeia Community Health Plan organized a two day international conference on health insurance in Africa. The conference took place in Abuja, Nigeria and aimed to promote community based health insurance models for low income groups in Africa. The conference specially focused on the current pilot insurance program in Shonga, Kwara State.
The governor of Kwara State, Mr Abubakar Bukola Saraki, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Fund to replicate the Hygeia Community Health Program in Afon district. Under this five year agreement the Fund provides funding and technical support for the establishment of a community health insurance program in the Afon district in Kwara Central, covering up to 71,000 low income workers.
A delegation of the Health Insurance Fund board and management and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs witnessed, quite unexpectedly, the success of the Health..
PharmAccess won the Silver Award in an essay competition of the WorldBank/ International Finance Cooperation and the Financial Times, with the essay "A New Paradigm for Increased Access to Healthcare in Africa".

To celebrate the opening of the Bacita junction health center and the one year anniversary of the Hygeia Community Health Plan (the first Health Insurance Fund program) various festivities were organized in Kwara State

The World Bank approved a six million US dollar grant to the Health Insurance Fund for the implementation of an insurance program for approximately 30,000 people in Lagos, Nigeria, for a period of five years. The Health Insurance Fund currently investigates a target group that consists of employees of small IT enterprises, each of which counts on average three to six employees.
Press Release World Bank/GPOBA/IFC, 30 October 2008
Die overvolle, smerige staats-ziekenhuizen waar de mensen liggen dood te gaan, waar de lakens in 30 jaar niet zijn verschoond!” Oud-topman van Aegon Kees Storm had het over Nigeria. „Terwijl er prachtige kleine privéklinieken zijn, die maar voor 30 tot 40 procent bezet zijn. Die gaan wij mooi volstoppen!” Maar dat kan alleen als er genoeg patiënten met een goede ziektekostenverzekering zijn.
"A small payment gives you access to health care for the entire year." Hygeia Community Health Plan in Nigeria is the first Health Insurance Fund program. It is developed in cooperation with the local partner Hygeia and PharmAccess and it has been running in Lagos and Kwara State since January 2007. Hygeia Community Health Plan provides access to quality health care for working groups with a low income and otherwise vulnerable groups. This film shows the progress made in the course of the program: the development of the program, the upgrading activities in the health facilities and the effect on the community. Go to video gallery.
The Health Insurance Fund and Hygeia formally handed over an state-of the art ambulance to the Orile-Agege General Hospital in Lagos as part of the upgrading program.

On 26th October 2007, Chairman of the Health Insurance Fund Kees Storm presented the Fund’s community health insurance program to the Governors’ forum, which represents all 36 states, in Nigeria. It was a unique occasion, as the leaders of the states had gathered for the first retreat of governors of Nigeria in history. Also present was President Umaru Yar’Adua, who took office in May of this year. They discussed development policies for the federal states.

Heineken Breweries has been actively pursuing a policy to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa and to contribute to improving access to health services for multiple years. The driving force behind this policy was Mr. Henk Rijkborst, Director Health Affairs van Heineken International. Mr. Rijckborst recently retired. On the occasion of his retirement, Minister Koenders (Dutch Ministry of development cooperation) held a speech about public private partnerships.
On 30th June 2007, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized a big event to promote the Millennium Development Goals. The Dutch Minister of Development Cooperation, Bert Koenders, signed agreements with companies, organizations and institutes to take action for the Millennium Development Goals. This is the so-called Pact of Schokland. The board and management of the Health Insurance Fund were among those who signed agreements under the Pact.
On 30th June 2007, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized a big event to promote the Millennium Development Goals. The Dutch Minister of Development Cooperation, Bert Koenders, signed agreements with companies, organizations and institutes to take action for the Millennium Development Goals. This is the so-called Pact of Schokland. The board and management of the Health Insurance Fund were among those who signed agreements under the Pact.

At the fifteenth AmsterdamDinner which took place in Amsterdam on June 23rd, 780.000 Euro was raised. The Health Insurance Fund is the beneficiary of the Aids Dinner for this year and the next two years.

On June 28 2006, the Dutch Minister of Development Cooperation, Mrs. Agnes van Ardenne, and the former CEO of AEGON, Kees Storm, chairman of the Health Insurance Fund (HIF), will launch a groundbreaking initiative for a new health insurance fund for Africa in the presence of the top of the Dutch business community. The HIF will introduce a new, innovative insurance fund for African countries that will enable low-income groups to receive collective health insurance through a premium subsidy. This insurance principle will make basic health care, including anti-AIDS medication, accessible to more people in Africa.

Het AmsterdamDiner steunt komende drie jaar ziektekostenverzekeringen in Afrika
A paper featuring the Health Insurance Fund has been published early July 2007 as part of the ‘Pre-advices 2006: New forms of development aid’ (in Dutch: ‘Preadviezen 2006: Nieuwe vormen van ontwikkelingshulp’) of the Dutch Royal Association for Macroeconomics (Koninklijke Vereniging voor de Staathuishoudkunde). The paper is entitled ‘On aid and AIDS in Africa: Alleviating poverty through increasing access to health care and HIV/AIDS treatment in Sub-Saharan Africa’ (in Dutch: ‘Over hulp en aids in Afrika: Armoedebestrijding door een grotere toegang tot gezondheidszorg en hiv/aids-behandeling in Afrika ten zuiden van de Sahara’). In this paper the authors, Onno Schellekens, Director of PharmAccess Foundation, and Prof. Dr. Sweder van Wijnbergen, Professor of Economics at the University of Amsterdam, present the rationale for private health insurance in Africa and the approach taken by the Health Insurance Fund. The Preadvices 2006 are published in Dutch; the paper is also available in English.

Today, a new health insurance, which will provide basic health care to 115,000 low-income people, is launched in Nigeria. This health insurance (Health Insurance Fund) will first be offered to 40,000 working women in Lagos (market women and female car mechanics, among others), to be followed by 75,000 farmers from the Shonga region in Kwara province. A Dutch delegation is currently in Nigeria for a meeting with Nigerian president Obasanjo, among other things.


On 12 September 2016, OPIC, Calvert Foundation and two private investors announce expansion
PharmAccess and its German consultancy partner GFA have won a 27.3 million Euros tender from the German development bank KfW to improve access to healthcare for low-income pregnant women in 5 regions of Tanzania.
President Felipe Nyuse of Mozambique officially opened the University Clinic


A population-based study
Date: September, 2015

Research findings on Health Insurance Fund supported programs

Date: February, 2015